Every Day Connect


Our mission is to strengthen and utilize existing collaborations, volunteers, city organizations, agencies, as well as technology to create comprehensive holistic linkages of services for those who are at risk of becoming homeless, currently homeless or have recently transitioned into permanent housing and need assistance remaining housed. We are available every day with extended hours and have unique offerings, which sets us apart from existing services.

Whether you are a case manager referring a client or an individual needing services, we will follow your needs from start to completion. Our programming is created to serve the most vulnerable by delivering services in the office, via phone and with extended hours. Our intention is to streamline service delivery so that the gap between services and need is closed.

What does Every Day Connect do?

Our staff works directly with those seeking services, as well as with case managers & staff from other agencies, to make connections to those often hard-to-access resources, services & goods that can provide additional or necessary ingredients for a successful move out of homelessness, transition into housing, or avoidance of housing loss.

Scope of services

We connect our participant partners to comprehensive social & medical services & other supportive services. These services include: vision, hearing, dental, general medical, mental health, addiction treatment & recovery services, harm reduction programs, self-help programs, food, clothing, computer access & classes, transportation, employment services, Medi-Cal, SSI, SSDI, income assistance & other financial services.